The Music of Nature
The Music of Nature

Lily and her mother walk to the river's edge on a beautiful October day. Lily carries her paints while her mother carries the canvas and easel. They talk quietly while walking, simply sharing this time together. When they reach the river, Lily lays down her paints and reaches for the easel and canvas.  She sets them up and takes her seat on a tree stump. Her mother  sits beside her and breathes deeply of autumn's scent

Lily sighs and says, 'Mother, can you please show me how to paint a musical note?'

Although curious, her mother does not ask why she is requesting this and takes Lily's hand already holding a brush and helps her paint one and then another.

'Thank you, Mother. I think I can paint them myself now. Do you think you could describe for me what nature has brought to the river today?' Lily asks with a smile.

'Of course, I will, my sweet daughter,' her mother replies and begins to describe the colorful leaves of fall rustling in the wind, the  tweeting bird perched on a branch of a nearby tree, and the rippling beauty of the river as it slowly flows by them.  She describes the sky as the clouds drift past.  She sees Lily begin to paint. Her mother does not peek at the canvas for she senses Lily has something special in mind and would like to wait until she lays down her brush.

After a time Lily does lay the brush aside and smiles.  'There,' she says quietly, 'I am done, Mother, if you would like to see it.'

Her mother rises and stands behind her daughter and gasps, 'Oh, Lily, how lovely this is!' Her eyes fill with tears at the beauty of musical notes covering the canvas in differing colors with one large note in the center painted in white.

'Mother, I may not see what nature has painted for us to enjoy, but its music plays clearly within my heart.  I hear the aria of autumn's color, the symphony of the rippling river, and the concertos of clouds as they move across the sky. So I have painted what I hear,' she explains with a smile.

'What do the different colors mean to you, my daughter?' her mother asks softly.

Lily smiles once more before she replies, 'The dark blue notes are for the sound of rain and thunder. It may be a beautiful day today but I always hear the dirge of storms when they visit us. The golden notes are for the playfulness of the sun as it dances with clouds. The dark gray notes are for the skies of winter for they are soon approaching with their promise of screeching wind in deafening chords. The light blue notes are for the memories of summer and the chorus of playful times and lullabies of sunset. The green notes are for the almost forgotten springtime renewal and the waltzes of new leaves as they dance in a refreshing wind.  The notes colored in the mix of brown, red, and orange are for the leaves as they sing their elegy upon leaving the branches they have called home. The rippled river I have colored in notes of pale blue as it reminds me of the sound of a strummed guitar on a clear and cloudless day,' Lily explains as she begins to gather her paints and brushes.

Her mother is stunned but finds her voice to ask, 'Lily, what does the white note in the center mean?'

'Oh, that is for the most beautiful music of all... the purest hymn of silence,' Lily says with another smile.

Her mother is silent for she cannot find the words to express how this painting moves her. She takes the canvas in her trembling hands and finally asks, 'Have you given this painting a name yet?'

'Oh, yes, Mother! It is simply called 'The Music of Nature,' Lily says with a light shining in her near sightless eyes that her mother knows comes straight from her daughter's heart.

They walk back to the village in that purest silence for no words are needed. The painting says it all. A whisper does break this pristine silence, though, and both she and Lily hear the softly spoken words, 'Thank you, Lily, and yes, it is so very good!'

written for the Simplicity SFITB challenge
Host: Heather
phrase: music plays clearly within my heart

By Myrna D.

© 2015 Myrna D. (All rights reserved)


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