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Cold Winds




Cold winds are chillin` me today

hoping I will see you once again

perhaps it will happen one fine day.

can`t hardly wait till then..

I`m drifting on the wind....

dont know when this storm will end

so till I find you all again...

I`ll be listenin to the winds

Searching for echo`s

of things we said back then

of times when we were there

of the things we did share...

In support of you.. I know

I wasnt always there

so that I could show

just how much I cared

But then again had I truly cared

I would have been there by your sides

your troubles we could have shared

had I held you while you cried

As I listen to the harshness of the wind

maybe your love would not have died

if a lot harder..I would have tried

I know my chances now are pretty slim

But if you can find it in your hearts

I`m asking of you please...

will you give me a fresh start

tell the chillin wind to depart

and warm it to a gentle breeze




Sincere list


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By dustydrifter37

© 2015 dustydrifter37 (All rights reserved)


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