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I caught a glimpse of you when you didnít know I was looking
Trying to rediscover what I'd forgotten about you ~ about us
Why I'd once loved you...
In that other time

You were standing naked in front of the mirror
Your auburn hair glistening on your wet, mortal body
You had just stepped out of your morning shower
humming the customary tune you do so well

I stood quietly in the hall watching you shave your golden, red beard
while you hummed...
keeping the rhythm with your foot

It was intoxicating, observing your routine
without you knowing I was there
I'd watched your morning ritual a thousand times
You - always aware when I was looking
In the past...
In that other time

Somehow watching you more with my heart,
than with my eyes made me melancholy
Missing those feelings I'd once felt for you
For us...
So deep within my heart...
For awhile back then

Did we ever really love?
Was it kismet?
Was it fate?
The question sits on unspoken lips

I sighed...
Missing us, missing you
Back then...
In another time

When our melody began
you sang the notes to my heart so well
so tender
We soared on the music
our mouths relishing the kiss
In our moments back then

For a time...
We were us, you and I
Tracing our love with thirsty lips
hungry bodies

I stood there looking at you for quite some time...
Pausing at the door before I left
I might never open that door again

I turned back once more before turning to go
making sure to remember just why I was leaving

I believed and held on
to everything that was once promised,
Everything that could have been
I had to let go of that dream...
because I realized, you and it...
were just a fable...
Once upon a time is now...
A Forgotten Fairytale

But now...
Every time I see a man shaving
I find myself thinking of you

Goodbye my love...
to our love that never was...
A part of me will always love you ~will always miss you

By LadeeAnne

© 2015 LadeeAnne (All rights reserved)


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