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Dark Payment Remitted


This labyrinth is so dark,
dank and cold,
there's not enough light to
pick out my way.

So, this is the final level,
or so I am told
no escape is the disagreeable
price I must pay.

Disingenuous were my
dealings with you,
darkened corners hid
my purpose well.

You suffered dearly, before
I was through
I dragged you unmercifully
through hell.

Caring nothing for your cries
of real pain,
I gained strength from your
sounds of woe.

Seeking to drive you to
my level , insane,
cinching down, you determined
you would not go.

All of this done with the
power of the mind,
using words and inflections
as mighty tools.

Each way you turned, there
you would find
I made and, quite willfully
changed the rules.

The seeping wounds of darkness
you now possess
are internal, nobody can
see my handiwork.

Any way you turn you'll feel
my verbal caress,
with mean spirited omnipresence
I insistently lurk.

I called incessantly on the
power of Satan
to break your spirit and
steal your will.

He laughed ever so mightily,
'You know that I can,
just report back to me when
you've had your fill.'

You fought me with all you
had left in you,
calling upon a protective force
of your own.

Michael the Avenging Archangel
responded on cue,
dispatched with haste from
the heavenly throne.

From my dastardly clutches
you were released,
for his invested power I had no
hope to resist.

He told me, 'On souls you will
no longer feast',
thrusting me into this labyrinth
where I now exist.

Submitted for the Brain Tease challenge


By AlwaysMyWords

© 2015 AlwaysMyWords (All rights reserved)


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