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This is what love is...

I let her hear my footsteps…
drizzle gleams in big city lights
Her perfume a’ float my senses
Peering off from this balcony,
into the vast cavern of sleeping buildings,
does she think of me…

She feels me…closer…her red dress
against the dark backdrop of
dreary skies silhouettes her beauty,
a poem waiting to be read,
a song you can’t get out of your head
or would want to

I place my arms about her waist,
she turns, ruby lips infectious,
eyes hiding her story find mine,
rain like diamond tear drops
decorate her cheeks as she smiles
and my heart is flooded with light

We embrace, damp passionate lips
lock in haunting silence,
speaking louder than any words,
all that was cold becomes warm
as moisture seeps, painting my skin,
and I don’t care

This is what love is…
a hot cup of coffee on a frigid winter day,
a cool breeze in the middle of August,
a beautiful fragrant rose
blooming from a crack in the asphalt
on that long, endless highway of life…
and she is mine


By jack137

© 2015 jack137 (All rights reserved)


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