precious lives...
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nature of men, to inflict terror
to those who believe the contrary
to the essence of own faith
thoughtless and selfish thinking

i am lost of reasons
just can not fathom the deep
hatred sown in those hearts
ruining the peace of those who still know
how to co-exist with others, to love

is it envy, power or lack of understanding
or just simply arrogance to be superior
to the eyes of the universe
to spit higher than most

meekness and humbleness
are unwritten and ne'er be considered
these are not mere words of weakness
but strength - strength of virtue

what we, peaceful and life loving citizens
can make our surrounding a safe place to breathe
Is to double our vigilance and more observant
of unusual activities, spare no one

14 precious innocent lives lost
21 injured, the trauma inflicted
to those who were spared
so sad, when will America ever learn
this weathered warrior's heart bleeds

to the families and love ones
this lowly scribbler grieves with you dear friends

to those who perished the unspeakable acts
your precious lives were not lost in vain
hoping~praying that they will resurrect the leadership
of this great nation's consciences and resolves
to defeat these radicalized terrorists

the rhetoric 'bout gun control
has no bearing or connection to this carnage
time to uproot the crooked belief
of what's the true cause of hatred at hand

San Bernardino, a quiet community
in my beautiful home State of California
where the senseless plot to kill, laid and hatched
the wicked offspring of wretched mind

where can a peaceful soul
can live without fear
if someone knows
lead me there

just for the love of it challenge
moderated by Ms M

'let there be peace on earth
and let it begins with me' APOng

By XRifles

© 2015 XRifles (All rights reserved)


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