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Review of 'The Force Awakens'
A Rondeaux Redoublé

It worships a heedless ferocity
savoring scenes of rapine and pillage
unfazed by casual atrocity.
It starts by exterminating a village

No soil's ever shown in gainful tillage.
Just wildland or sandy aridity
soaked with blood in a wanton spillage
It worships a heedless ferocity.

It glorifies cruel aristocracy
It seems to have a dark-mask fetish.
All spectacle and monstrosity
savoring scenes of rapine and pillage.

A princess's child is portrayed with privilege
of allowance, excuse and apology
of admiration for royal lineage
unfazed by casual atrocity.

A darkling, blood-thirsty odyssey
through seas of off-hand gratuitous killing
an amoral, darkling chronology.
It starts by exterminating a village

The cinematography's stark - an image
as nightmare-frenzy mythology
as death and slaughter, sortie, scrimmage
all enormity-cum-monotony
all heedless, casual atrocity.

By tony parsons

© 2015 tony parsons (All rights reserved)


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