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Keep going
Ever feel like your life is tied in knots?
Everything around you is tangled
You can't figure out which end it what
And you can't remember where you began
And where you ended

Confused about which day it is?
What time of day it might be...
Where you left your keys???
Forgot that important appointment?

We've all had days like this many times.
We've all had days where everything is upside down or
Right side up. twisted around and going in different directions at once
We often feel like our brains went on vaction
And we are left in dummy mode

Keep in mind that this is how life keeps us on our toes
We all have to deal with an unexpected problem
Or an unfortunate situation.
Keep an open mind and keep going.
Life is an adventure
Let's kick some butt!

By BabyPrincess24

© 2016 BabyPrincess24 (All rights reserved)


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