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“Invisible hands restore the ruined year and
time itself grows beautifully dim.”

from “Beauty” by David Morton

INVISIBLE are the secrets of love.
HANDS descend lovingly from above to
RESTORE what our wills cannot ever change.
THE mysteries of such love exchange our
RUINED world of fear for a better
YEAR that will hopefully churn the bitter
AND scarified deleting all the scars.
TIME is but a long journey that will heal
ITSELF with new seasons as it conceals,
GROWS, perfects, and blossoms into creations
BEAUTIFULLY conceived with strong conviction.
DIM – woeful memories but a benediction in time.

Bernard Gieske, January 17, 2016


Complete Poem by David Morton

Who Walks With Beauty

Who walks with Beauty has no need of fear;
The sun and moon and stars keep pace with him;
Invisible hands restore the ruined year,
And time, itself, grows beautifully dim.

By Bengieske

© 2016 Bengieske (All rights reserved)


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