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i had a teddy, long ago, a friend every child needs
He came with me where ever i ventured
and always with me agreed.

My teddy s name was little snickers
tan and big, gentle and sweet.
day and night i dragged him with me
old snickers loved traveling indeed.

As years went by, snickers didn't go places much anymore.
He sat on my bed with many of my friends, ripped
and worn, from daily journeys, so many years ago.

days now i wish i had that worn old teddy
to hold and hug once more.
Life isn't easy like when i had snickers
i shared my heart to a bear i adorned.

I turn off my light and dream of teddy
a stuffed animal that brought so much love
knowing now there is someone always with me
as i pray and look above.

Teddy was good when young and innocent
looking back at that time he was my best medicine.
as i reminiscence of the past.

By girlsisy

© 2016 girlsisy (All rights reserved)


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