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I Am What I Am
I am who I am today and always, stars twinkle brightly
in the evening of love and light, no thoughts to bring me
down anymore.

The door has opened for the last time for me and how beautiful
the other side appears to be among desires to deep to understand
the full meaning of life the way it is now.

I bow my head in respect to mother my love of life all these years
she has showed me the deep reason why life has a plan for all of us
a devotional pull of strings from the heart, mind, and soul.

Eyes water no more, flowers have reached ending growth among
trees full with life and wisdom, peace holds the key to
eternal life.

I am me, I collect all thoughts, put them away for the
time I will walk the land of plenty,that land is perfect without
any flaws or deceit

I am the wind blowing free and fresh among the elders of my
time and before the world became cold and fill with uncertainty
I was light filled with love and harmony.

I am what I am.

By Derena

© 2016 Derena (All rights reserved)


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