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absolute faith
The absolute Faith

It is so long ago now I might have had a hallucination
I had a day off at my work as a cook at a tourist hotel.
And biked to the bay that didn`t have big waves, it`s odd
But a have always had a fear of the sea despite the fact
I spent thirty years on the surfaces of oceans that were
A times of ill temper.
Having gone ashore on an Island in the Saragossa Sea
I was a survivor of the ghost that haunts a seamanís heart.

What I saw in the bay was six nuns were rowing and mother
Superior steering the boat, on her signal, they stopped rowing
Uplifted oars dripped diamonds into the sea.
A haze descended and they disappeared, I do not know where.
Sun reflection on the water I had no sunglasses.
So I sat on a pebbled shoreline reading the daily news

By jan oskar hansen

© 2016 jan oskar hansen (All rights reserved)


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