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In the Fabric of Time

And here I again paint thee, a canvas sketched in mind in a reassuring deep blue calm,
Winds like a soft aria reverberating above a marbleized indigo sky in a passing glimpse,
For here this heart that beats in shades unending as thy Love I still hold in these palms,
Here a heart that beats in shades unending, the memoirs dancing images that never go limp.

Through the softest of hours that bridges the gaps making years seemily like yesterday,
Touching forgotten corners here through the layers outlined within these memories,
In the the fabric of everything as here the pieces refit from memory and still hold today,
Dancing in and out of existence but never forgotten forever held like a Love documentary.

Shimmering through the fractures perched breathless & hopeful along these frayed edges,
Here each minute painting a picture of those past days we were together never to part,
I am caught between breezes, thus stuck beyond your world yet my Love still pledges,
In the fabric of everything torn away as these empty hands trembled along with my heart.

Posted thestgarlitecafe 03.09.2016 5:37 PM

By nitehawk

© 2016 nitehawk (All rights reserved)


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