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Brushing Yesterdays
Visions in mind brushing yesterdays that now here wander blindly in the dark,
That time in life that bared all light held within a place deep in this lonely heart,
I found one who held a beacon in the night, within her eyes the heavens dwelled,
Here to her Love I choose to arise from the glimmering of her light my heart quelled.

Traveled over two oceans this angel enraptured mine heart, her radiance still shines,
Here strumming the senses to those days where life had meaning by Love defined,
Her benevolence bestow, to all her Love that showed, this Lady that stole mine heart,
The echoes peal on crisp winds low, crossing the ocean seas, the pain of being apart.

The years passed many, tis still like only yesterday that our hearts and souls didst meet,
The Love we shared when together still to this day all remembered of this angel so sweet,
As Love ruled in every day and night, touching the heavens I still hold in dreams delight,
I am caught between breezes, thus stuck beyond your world as my Love still holds in plight.

Posted thestarlitecafe 03.15.2006 9:24 PM

By nitehawk

© 2016 nitehawk (All rights reserved)


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