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He is Risen
He is Risen

Jesus, our King, knelt to pray
on bended knee in the Olive Garden
Known as Gethsemane;
“Father, if you are willing,
Take this cup of anguish
From me.”

An angel was heaven sent
from God, to comfort His son;
Our savior began to pray more fervently.
Falling to the ground,
His sweat was as drops of blood.

His disciples, filled with grief,
Lie sleeping a stones throw away;
Jesus asked them, “Why do you sleep?
Get up and pray.”

The mob approached our King,
Led by the transgressor,
Who betrayed him with a kiss.
Judas, one of the twelve,
denounced the master of our fate,
The master of oceans, earth, and sky.

Jesus asked Judas, “Why?”
It was he who led the angry men
To the one who was to suffer
and die on the cruel cross for our sin.

They were armed with wrath;
The guards mocked him with insults,
And began attacking him;
While blindfolded, they asked,
“Who hit you prophet?”

At daybreak they led him
Before the high council
“Are you the Messiah?”
“You are right. I am!”

When all was said and done,
Pilate found him innocent;
He wanted to release God's son,
But the crowd, with a mighty roar,
Shouted “Kill him! Crucify him!
Crucify him!”

Herod told them he
found no reason Jesus should die.
“I will punish him and set him free.”
The crowd's voices prevailed.
They demanded he be nailed
to the cross on Calvary.

He was whipped until he bled,
A crown of thorns was
placed upon his head.
The soldiers dressed him in
A purple robe;
They spit on him and mockingly said,
“Hail! King of the Jews!”
As through the town he was led.

The Crucifixion

He spoke to the daughters of Jerusalem;
“Do not cry for me. Cry for your children;
For there is coming a day
When you will say,
…..For if such things as this
are done to me,
What will they do to you?”

Come what may,
Christ, our savior would die that day.

He was led away to a place
Called 'The Skull' Golgotha,
And nailed to the middle cross.
A thief on his left and one on his right.
The three would lose their life.

The soldiers gambled for his clothes
by throwing dice.
Leaders scoffed and made fun of him.
“Let him save himself if he is truly God's Son,
the Messiah!”

The soldiers gave him sour wine to sip
as they pressed it to his lip.
Jeeringly they shouted,
“Save yourself if you are the King
of the Jews!”

“Father, forgive them; they know
not what they do.”

Darkness fell across the sky at noon,
The light came not from the sun;
Jesus gave up
his spirit into the hands of His father;
The deed was done.

He is risen, He is risen,
Praise God
Our redeemer lives on.
He is risen.

Luke 22 and 23

© Janice Bumbalough Marler
March 25, 2016

By dolores39

© 2016 dolores39 (All rights reserved)


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