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The Chatty Little Frog

The Chatty Little Frog

Once upon a time, in a Lilly pond,
Sat a chatty little frog,
When at dusk, on the bank,
He spied a beautiful princess
Sitting on a tiny little log.

On her finger she proudly
wore a beautiful ring;
It shined and sparkled;
and was full of bling,

He asked, “Why are you crying?”
Filled with compassion
The chatty little frog,
Using all his throaty charm,
Began singing to her a lovely song.

He told the princess he meant her no harm.
The song was oh so sublime.
“Why Mr. Frog, you're wondrously bright.
I can tell you are an honest frog
and you are extremely forthright.

No tune has ever been so bold;
No finer song ever sung;
No truer line ever written
That has spilled over silver tongue.

© Janice Bumbalough Marler
March 25, 2016

By dolores39

© 2016 dolores39 (All rights reserved)


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