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In America!
Smart little Snoopy,u
He has a record player!
It reaches the field!
He plays the record!
It's 'The Star-Spangled Banner!'
Charlie's team listens!
Hands cover their hearts!
Eagles fly all around them,
And they see the flag!
Flowers in the sky,
They explode in the distance!
They have the flag's shades!
In America,
Charlie Brown enjoys baseball!
He salutes the flag!
Red is for courage!
White is for the innocent!
Blue is for justice!
All the Peanuts Gang,
The see Lady Liberty!
She stands proud and tall!

AUTHOR'S COMMENT: I am posting this poem to celebrate the fact that it has advanced to the semi-final round of judging at Eber & Wein Publishing! It is also going to be published in the anthology 'American Poet!' This poem was mainly inspired by scenes from the Peanuts feature film 'A Boy Named Charlie Brown!'

By starlass

© 2016 starlass (All rights reserved)


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