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Takes Two to Tango

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Dreams running through my mind
And I see how time flies, another year
passing by, but knowing you it has been a joy
a happy feeling in my heart, there is life to live.
However, the distance divides, but that is only a flight away.
Anything is possible if a true love is there.
Because a true love can wait

patience is the key.

Believe that people make things happen
so it does not matter if the love is weak,
it might grow stronger with time.
Takes time to build anything new
just as it takes the 'Tango for Two.'
Nobody said that life is going to be easy especially
when such distance divides.
And a communication is a major key.
When no communication between those two,
how do we know what will be right,
and what can be wrong...
Life is a mystery that has to be solved.

It is impossible to guess what the other has
in his or her mind...because life events
are different from music and poetry.
Those can be changed within time.
So think of it and do what your wishes are.
There is much more to be done then that
and these two people have to make their minds
especially when there are heart matters involved
openness is the key that cannot be ignored.
And only then those two will simply
live happily and watch their progress evolve.

By Zuzanna Musial

By Zuzanna

© 2019 Zuzanna (All rights reserved)


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