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Do You Want To Know
Left of smart, right of dull
How is this possible
I am a mix only God can get
Nobody else comprehends it
Why am I depressed I donít know
Do I need a f***ing reason to feel so alone?
It just happens, a modern day Poet
That could speak forever at a pulpit
And not even believe all that I am saying
Itís a sunny day but I believe that itís raining
How do you get past the complexity and needs
Of a person with a disease just like me
I feel thereís something missing, incomplete
I canít get deep, I deserve what I reap
I get slapped I donít turn the other cheek
I probably should, Iím already a freak
Not an outcast but some people have to think that
Because I donít talk too much, itís a true fact
Itís hard to get me to open so do you want to know
All of the ugly and all the beautiful

By David Harty

© 2016 David Harty (All rights reserved)


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