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Sincerely Sharing

Your quizzical look seems to be
questioning me.
How sure am I that we're in a
love, everlasting?

I have no doubts, in fact it's a
lead pipe surety,
etched in stone, just as winter always
turns to spring.

I've not been sport fishing and
just dangling bait,
I'm committed to making you
really understand.

I believe you are here because
you are my fate,
I've no allergic reaction to a
simple golden band.

Go ahead and get your list of
questions out now,
you can't scare me off with
that stuff, I'm a man.

My days of dalliances were sheared
by love's plow,
check each one off if my answer
suits your plan.

If given the chance at your hand
I would seal the deal.
By doubting me, you only make me
more steadfast.

On each of my sleeves I openly
wear what I feel,
days of fearing real love have
come by and passed.

If I were to look up into your
quizzical eyes from
my bended knee, would you hear
my promises clearly?

Your one, plus my one, form a
much sturdier sum,
as a betrothed constant we'll share
fidelity most sincerely.

Submitted for the Brain Tease challenge


By AlwaysMyWords

© 2017 AlwaysMyWords (All rights reserved)


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