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A Simple Act of Kindness.

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''I cannot make a difference,''
We hear that said often each day
however, no one suggested
to changing the World
in a very simple way
with just one smile or a kind deed
yes, change the World this may.

It matters not the size of one
or a beauty of a creed
excuses are for the lazy ones
they are not the kind we need
one open heart filled with love
can change this World of greed
a smile could be your own
would start a simple deed.

Changing the World in a better way
doing our part indeed
to build an eternal friendship
no matter the distance
for what use would to it there be
if I could not live to say
having a good time while I am here
that can also end one day.

Planning a good time for another week
Not knowing the World
might end today?
Not showing signs of sadness
let the courage stands tall
it really takes perhaps only act of kindness
to remembering that one person
can make a difference, with love
a simple dream and a wish.
''One million dollar,'' smile for one
to feel how they stand above all.


By Zuzanna Musial

By Zuzanna

© 2019 Zuzanna (All rights reserved)


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