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Her sweetness beckoned to his lips
long before the first rendez-vous,
a tantalising and tender new taste
to enjoy the whole night through.

Her nature was just like her picture,
and the picture was enticing.
Her words flowed like pure drops of honey,
smoother than her writing.

Her body was a modern masterpiece,
deserving of careful analysis.
She moved with a dancer's grace
while he fell mesmerised, in paralysis.

Her whispers brushed like butterflies,
breathing hope into his hungry soul;
her hand laid claim to his open chest,
caressing the heart she stole.

Her kisses brought the world to life,
her touch awakened dreams.
Her schemes aroused the devil,
flames burst out from her seams.

Her presence is in the distance,
in a past he has moved beyond.
His skin is a canvas of fingerprints,
branded with her eternal bonds.

By Kayla Esther

© 2016 Kayla Esther (All rights reserved)


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