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Dear Dad ( reposted in memory)

My dad and I, Christmas 1975

Reposted in Loving Memory of My Father
PWV ~ November, 1933 - April, 2015

I know I can act like a willful child,
spoiled, rotten, a bit on the wild side.
Selfish, needy, often greedy,
incorrigible - a challenge to say the least.

But of all the men I've ever loved,
or who have ever loved me,
you're the one man who consistently,
has always seen and nurtured,
the goodness in me.

When I was tiny, you lovingly
tended to every scraped knee,
you were my guardian angel
during my terrible teens,
you stood behind me
when I was revolting,
forgave, when I was insulting,
inspired me, when there was no hope,
guided me, when I could not cope.

Admired my spirit,
the one I inherited from you.
Expressed pride in me,
in almost every thing I do.

When I was lost, you somehow knew,
and that is still true today,
and that is why I have to say,
I love and appreciate you too.
I know I don't say it often enough.

'Originally Posted on
June 17, 2000 for Father's Day'

(C) cvdeese

By The Realist

© 2016 The Realist (All rights reserved)


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