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How Do I Know God is Real?
God is real by challenges I have faced in my life and people that He placed in my life at the right times

God is real by the plan, order, design, and symmetry in the way the Earth is designed because of the cycles of life and death of all living things to having the beauties of nature that our eyes behold

God is real because I can feel when I have done right or wrong in my soul

God is real because when I was really young I became aware of my spiritual side, watched a movie about Jesus, and I chose to study about God because I wanted to learn his Law

God is real because I feel a spiritual edification when I read the Word and sing Praise songs about Him

God is real because I have experienced little surprises as well as big surprises here and there that I knew were and only could be a part of Him

God is real because I love Him and have Faith in Him

God is real because when I ask God for help there is a spiritual calming and assurance that comes over my spirit inside

By Jen_Saunders

© 2016 Jen_Saunders (All rights reserved)


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