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'Remnants, the past remains existing in perception, images the visage crossing these planes of time bound by hearts inception,
Vision of heart passing through diffusely within these desolate streams, Increased beauty by hearts distinction, still flowing within these scenes,
Forever far above, allowing light to pass within this darkness, In uniform color, translucent images still holding in their absence,
Placid light embroidered within this celestial map, For here the darkness sheds a soft calm, of love still wrapped,
Unending, resounding yet alone and pensive, a world still shown within this realm of darkness intensive,
Within these serried boundaries of time, memories of love defined,Chambered walls within the echoes of past still held entwined,
Sea of tranquility, a realm the placid existence of love surrendered, For here I find within mine dreams, unfolding of love the past remembered.'

Posted thestarlitecafe 04.28.2016

By nitehawk

© 2016 nitehawk (All rights reserved)


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