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Poetic Senses

In the course of conversations that may go on for a while
one can talk about his dreams or comment on his style.
Some conversations tread lightly, balanced on fences,
comes the question, 'How do you use your poetic senses'?

An interesting question, no doubt, many answers to be had,
I won't share everything with you but I will share just a tad.
Positioned in front of a keyboard starts those senses purring,
then the words gang up to define to what it is I am referring.

The feelings of man are varied and an live in all our souls,
from sheer elation to the BS served up in bottomless bowls.
Each emotion lends itself to treatment by poetic sensibilities,
I tend to chronicle all without undue fear of critical penalties.

If you go back and read some of what I've left to posterity
you'll find words that share tenderness or border on temerity.
I have made efforts to leave the reader with a broad grin
or a tear in his eye when love's been summarily tossed again.

Love of rhyme, when it's written well, not squeezed or forced,
lets me meander down roads, neither condemned nor endorsed.
Occasionally rhyme does not fit the mood of a developing piece
so I leave it by the wayside but the sweet flow does not cease.

If you really break it down to its smallest components you'll find
my poetic senses rule how the world around me is defined.
My poems may not always make sense or touch where you live
but I shall continue to share them for they're what I have to give.

My stories take a poetic bent, my prose acumen is rather weak.
If you delve into my lyrical tales you may find messages you seek.
If you no longer see my unending submissions Starlite Cafe bound
rest assured that my body and pen are cold and lying underground.

Submitted for the No Frills challenge

By AlwaysMyWords

© 2017 AlwaysMyWords (All rights reserved)


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