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Farouche - 2016

sullen, my silence
a world at my fingertips
vast, inscrutable
all sum of human knowledge
cannot yet bestow wisdom

I hear a chorus
myriad shouting voices
They are un-human voices
intimate-machine language.

Here lies dark matter.
Here is a null dimension
of dark energy -
existence inferred only
from eccentricity

'farouche' means 'sullenly unsociable or shy.' It is from a French word which translates as 'fierce' and that original meaning gives connotation to the other definition. The Japanese words is Hikikimori, which describes a class of people who withdraw from social life, often seeking extreme degrees of isolation and confinement. There is a wiki listing on hikikomori, and you can find stuff about it with a google search.

By tony parsons

© 2016 tony parsons (All rights reserved)


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