Sometimes I awake in the night
Words going around in my head
Screaming to be written down
But I feel the need for sleep instead

I twist and I turn trying to ignore them
These words so jumbled yet clear
Then I search for a pen or a pencil
But there isnít one about I fear

I decide I will write them tomorrow
Tonight I must have some sleep
Then I try to ignore these words in my head
But even through my dreams they creep

Morning comes and I decide I will write them
But the words seem to have hurried away
I try to remember each word that I heard
But my mind has gone blank today

The lesson I learned from this disturbed night
Was always pen and paper keep near
Then you will never lose those words
When they come whispering in your ear

For Reality 1's... Bird's Eye view challenge...

By hollydar

© 2018 hollydar (All rights reserved)


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This Poem is part of a Challenge: - A Bird's Eye View, Anew :) (challenge has been closed)

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