Here I Pray...
Here I Pray...

It seems, I am drowning in these crystalline tears,
sweet mementos brought back to me,
pon angel's wings....
Every wrong word haunts me, and the right ones,
Searching in this hallow place,
Whether it is deeper or different, I cannot say.
Same heartache…
Just wearing a different name.

I keep going back, back to that hallow place.
Although may it be but just a whisper, a whisper in vain
my heart …
Screams out your name.

My closing eyes see your face, I think back to yesterday,
Us…sharing a dream,
With all the hopes, and endless possibilities
And once again
Unstoppable tears, begin to flow.

You are at peace, in heaven's embrace,
and I...
I am lost in this pain.

How am I, sure you hear these unspoken words
I’ve yet to say?
How can I feel your presence, and not hear
the angels’ wings?
Are you yet another meant to haunt, or protect me,
the rest of my days?

I grasp for strength, so here I pray.
On bent knee and broken will, Hoping, praying
that you may hear me.

This is a prayer for love's lost…A prayer for those who paid the cost.
Who suffer in silence, left behind
Empty, deprived of loves healing embrace…


I believe you are happy, from the pain set free.
All I ask of you...
Is every once in a while,
look down,
and smile upon me.

Spread the same grace there, as you did here.
For here, is my everlasting vow, to you, 'I make this commitment'.
Every knowledge I have of you;
I will spread.
Every ounce of love you showed,

I shall re-give each loving touch,
just as you gave to me,
Each and everyday, to every person I am with.

Because in my heart and soul, you and your memory,
will live on forevermore.

~~ Steve ~~

Dedicated to All
Who’ve Lost Loved One’s

Midi: Loneiness
By: Chillstep

By Poison_9901

© 2018 Poison_9901 (All rights reserved)


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