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Where do all the freshly broken
hearts go?
Is there a clearinghouse for
all the pained?

Do the abandoned and the
mistreated show
how their belief in true love
has waned?

Who cradles the hearts that
wrongly trusted
hearts that pretend to be their
matching half?

These hearts now wither,
becoming encrusted
with the echoing residue of a
departing laugh.

Horror stories of relationships
on the rocks
would be the main topic discussed
in this hall.

Every slight and abuse would
dominate the talks,
each more debilitating as they
reflect and recall.

The tone of the voice and the
face looking smug
set the tenor of the heart stopping
departure scene.

No goodbye kiss rendered or even
a farewell hug,
made the end of romance totally
vile and obscene.

Where do all the well-seasoned
broken hearts go?
They go back into the game, much wiser
for their pain.

Telltale signs of relationship flaws
they now know,
as for complete release to new love,
they'll wisely refrain.

Submitted for the Brain Tease challenge


By AlwaysMyWords

© 2017 AlwaysMyWords (All rights reserved)


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