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One Day at a Time

Seems like not so long ago the thought of taking one day at a time
was irrelevant, like most of us I thought I'd live seemingly forever.

That attitude didn't change too much down the years
from happy childhood, through teenage years without too many tears.

Into adult life it still seemed like an endless party
through my thirties, forties, fifties, sixties even life was still fun.

It still is now in most respects save one slight caveat
The vision of the exit door to this life drifts ever closer now.

Diagnosis with a probably terminal illness stops you in your tracks.

Seems like life isn't an endless dream after all there will be an end
and it may be closer than is comfortable.

So a new strategy has to emerge, don't look too far ahead, therein lies madness
tuck the elephant in the room neatly to one side,
reflect on what you have and enjoy it while you can.

Take one day at a time, make it count, don't waste them in joyless lament
enjoy what there is and there is so much still to see
make everyday count, none of us really know how long we have left
everyday of life here on our Earth is a gift, use it wisely.

By dave.wynter

© 2017 dave.wynter (All rights reserved)


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