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When I’m thinking of you, muse returns
and I am able to write few verses again
your words always an inspiration
thinking of you often, missing your writes
there are some days that rhymes not there
then I am waiting till the muse cooperates
day by day life becomes more beautiful
with your presence in the view
life is to enjoy and cherish
a poet friend like you.

Your words especial-those like music to my ears
your poems always full of dreams
feelings, rhymes, and passion and lots more
those shared freely here and abroad
words pulsating with life and love
sounds of angelic music played from heaven above
also Prayers, whispers, and deep sighs too
In a scent of perfumes that is ‘a wonder of you’
your poetry speaks to me in a joyful sound
although you are far away but never too far
when I look at the night sky I see the falling star
…the star is a magic sign…
that you share your feelings with mine.

These rhymes create a wonder and beauty in my eyes
you are always there, however, I do not see you
but I do feel your presence...connection of souls
distance does not matter to any of us
only the thoughts in written words those that really count
fine words in poetry these that you write and share
the passion and emotions while music played on stage
things like these make a difference every day
for each new morning, it is a new way
in the life journey for you and I
hoping those dreams will never die
having you in my life is a blessing from above
your poems I love so much...please write.

By Zuzanna Musial

Appassionato is an Italian term used in music which is defined by
telling the musician to perform with a great amount of emotion.
A love duet in an opera in an example of music that is sung Appassionato.
Female voice Appassionata.

Video Copyright Lucas Thanos

By Zuzanna

© 2017 Zuzanna (All rights reserved)


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