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Are Loved Lives Ever Apart?

A whirlwind of endless days and nights, full of caring, grace, and art,
Gathered from windfall's spark, would stretch, I thought, forever on,
With me, not really alone, although, not all together without her.

Then someone answered my innocuous personal, 'Could you be, soft
As snow, gentle as a lion's touch, holding on, letting go, with me?', with
Theirs, 'No barbs held, Bards hushed, bars holding, holds barred.', wow!

Brilliant, we'd meet at a dance! After new age games, and light banter,
We were a tangoing two, knowing each other's every turn, move.
Ah, then most vividly alive in her eyes, we danced alone, together,
Gesturing beyond known, stilling my heart, tilling my soul, ungrown.

I dared ask myself, was it a dream within a dream, that could slip away,
No, assuredly, we were that day, and, if the stars aligned, here to stay.
As our eyes widened with the sun's set, joy, moonlight and noshes,
Joined in our beginning love's crest, accompanying, play, song, dance,

In life's wondrous mosaic, to a Universes' tune, then a moment's touch
With eyes, and just one word, 'yes', an inner sigh, somehow it's to be,
Life, art, both filled with it, in all verve's particularity, brought two near
To be as one, fulfilling, fleshed, by her, me, our mind's, heart's, to be.
Nature, not to be unsung, brought our eyes to it, a river loves its bed,

Banks, mountain loves sky, the sky it, earthen art was anew too!
Betwixt us, that moment aglow, a world of unknowns grew, and
We talked, not just of the rose, for it's thorned, the fruit, for, it's rind.
Her face, my hand brush, we kiss, are living love, going to my place.
Eyes embracing, emotional bliss, both dining on nature's grace,

Thoughts gave way to her chase, and we, most vividly, succumbed
To loving so true, unendingly, meeting life's mark, wonder, happiness.
A day to remember, a night etched in flesh, there was nothing other.
Then, sitting in the moonlight, we were one and three, two hearts
Overflowing with love, being with her I knew was meant to be.
Nothing could separate us, nor compare to her, and Thee.

Later, listening to blues, then after her tears of joy, sounds
Of echoing silence, life's song within our heart, accompanying
The abundance of joy's Spring, flowering. A world awakened
By our one heartbeat, invited us to dance more vividly, and thus
We did, my heart in hers, hers in mine, we were one and three,
I read her a twig of poetree, 'You, a joyous lake, me, the mountain
Underground, which, you fill, and holds you always, within
And without us is this love.' Then another, 'Now, the Sun and Moon
May arise anew, an eagle stretch above a dew, yet, nothing
Will ever compare, with you, or keep us apart!'

Challenge :) Photoshop: Romance; with SuperSlimJim

By reality1

© 2018 reality1 (All rights reserved)


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This Poem is part of a Challenge: - Photoshop Talk Challenge 1 (challenge has been closed)

This Poem is part of a Challenge: - Photoshop Talk Challenge 1 (challenge has been closed)

This Poem is part of a Challenge: - Photoshop Talk Challenge 1 (challenge has been closed)

This Poem is part of a Challenge: - Photoshop Talk Challenge 1 (challenge has been closed)

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