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I don't expect you to need me!
I need you!
Like a thirsty man in a desert
I need you!
I need to drink you down
Filling my soul

Quenching my thirst…
As I see your nakedness
So perfect!
Laying open before me

I need you!
To feel the shudder of your body
As we join as one…
As we couple over and over,
Climbing hills at first,
Then mountains!!!
Sliding down a delicious slide of heaven

I need your mouth pressed against mine
Our tongues entwined,
My hips against yours,
Rocking in time…
Seeking release…
Filling your body…
Until you pull me inside!

And we are one…

And no I don’t expect you to call me tomorrow

By BramptonMC

© 2018 BramptonMC (All rights reserved)


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