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Sands Of Time
As time flows lovers of old get lost in it, three individuals stuck in the grip of time, some memories lost, other memories found, that of three young dragon's having bonded from birth once hatched from three different eggs of the same mother forever bonded after they emerged from their egg's protective shells, one a female golden white dragon, one a male emerald dragon, and one a male black and red dragon, siblings that have a much deeper bond then some for one lifetime.
Then the sands of time change the three siblings are forced apart by fate and time, then two of three young dragon's find one another after having been born from different mother's and born into different families become mates having forgotten their past together their hearts evolve and change for a lifetime then again are forced apart by fate and time and go their separate ways alone.
But hark! here comes the third young dragon in another life and with one of the others having been born into different families from different mothers, they fall in love and become mates and stay mates and remain mates for awhile,
then time and fate come and tear these two apart again but before they get lost in time they make a vow, a life vow to find each other again just as they did before in love forevermore.
Their souls torn apart, their memories lost but not gone for their hearts and souls know they will find each other again fighting the sands of time and at war with fate always, but these three young dragon's will never break their bonded chains of love.

By Redrosepetals

© 2016 Redrosepetals (All rights reserved)


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