Sitting on the shore the day seemed fine
Sand filtering between my toes as I closed my eyes
Soon I felt the waves lapping around my feet
And opening my eyes saw darkened skies

In the distance a sail boat lurched battling to keep control
Above seagulls swooped and screeched as lightening and thunder crashed
The waves once gentle now threatened to swallow all in their path
At this point I made haste and for shelter dashed

Blacker and blacker the skies
Louder and louder the thunder
As I huddled in the hollow of the rocks
The scene before me held me in fear yet wonder

This mighty storm with all its power and might
Had a beauty rare that could not be explained
As it controlled the Ocean and the skies
God was close this I ascertained

For Deenys…A storm on the ocean challenge

By hollydar

© 2018 hollydar (All rights reserved)


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This Poem is part of a Challenge: - A storm on the Ocean (challenge has been closed)

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