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The Storm

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One of those beautiful days Jesus went teaching, while
the fisherman took the boat and went fishing on the sea of Galilee,
Jesus was already tired from a long day leaving the crowd
behind by joining the fisherman on the voyage to fishing.
Soon after he entered the boat, he laid down on the
cushion and fell asleep...Sky rapidly darkened,
huge clouds spun on the ocean, strong waves filled the
boat with water, fisherman become scared and
cried out to Jesus, “Master, we are going to die.”

But Jesus was not in a hurry, he tasted their faith
when the boat began to sink Jesus woke up, raised his
arms and rebuked the fisherman with this question,
“Have you still no Faith”? (Mark 4:40).
The fisherman lack of faith often reminds us how
little faith we have and need to be constantly reminded
that walking with Christ we are safely guided
in no matter what the circumstances.

Worst of life storms will be quieted if we put trust in God.
Such fear shall leave any believer to continue life with
less fear. The passage from the Bible reveals that:
God can make the “winds and water to obey” (Luke 8:25).
Fishermen became astonished with the miracle on the ocean,
and how Jesus marvel supernatural ability over these elements.
We shall be comforted knowing that ‘Life Storm’s will be over
because faith in Christ is never ever misplaced.
If he can calm a storm on the Sea at Galilee,
he too calms the life storms to set us free.

By Zuzanna Musial

Host: Deeny107
Storm on the Ocean

By Zuzanna

© 2017 Zuzanna (All rights reserved)


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