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When I was young yesterday,
well actually it's many
yesterday's ago.
I was a bit of a dreamer
and very much a
dabbling dilettante.

Early on mental affectations
would be on a drawing board,
did you know?
I was naturally pretty good
with a pencil but then
I was no artistic savant.

One day, out of the blue,
I felt an odd urge to create
using words only.
What a brash and
totally upstart thought
that was at the time.

How could I do this with
my split second mind
constantly spinning me.
Then I discovered
the unexplained joy one
experiences from unforced rhyme.

I don't sketch much
any more, in fact
I haven't put a pencil to
paper in years.
I can gather many
willing witnesses who'll attest
I still strangle syllables.

This writing nook
that I inhabit
is a great place to lose yourself
and your fears.
The ambiance of
background music is adjusted
by tolerance for decibels.

As I spend more time
in the company
of others devoted to
this craft of ours
I gain a deeper
understanding of why
our hearts are never
on our sleeves.

When we find those
free moments,
be they fleeting minutes
or flowing hours
we get those emotions
out on paper
then we stroke it so that
it never leaves.

I've no formal education and
you'll find no diploma
adorning a wall in my nook.
Yea, classroom learning
can only take one
just so far in
gaining sense.

I can be inspired
by the nightly news
or if I see when I'm not
supposed to look.
That's what
gives a write that bit
of humanity and perhaps
a tinge of suspense.

Yesterday, when I was young
I could never see
how far down the road
I would come.
You'd think a borderline
reprobate such as I
would have perished
long ago.

I've always been a
bit of an acquired taste
and sheer deadly poison
for some.
With a catalog of
immense size
right here on this site
variety controls continued flow.

Submitted for the Simplicity challenge

when I ________________ yesterday

When I was young yesterday

By AlwaysMyWords

© 2017 AlwaysMyWords (All rights reserved)


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