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Almost Asleep
Side by side,
arms linked
not so much in camaraderie
but in understanding,
an appreciation of time
and night and blinding, soothing, melting darkness.
Your head lolls and
your forehead kneads my shoulder
until Iím just the right amount of wax;
ready to shape but so afraid to move,
to disturb the face finally free of cracks,
fault lines created by frequent frowns,
lips of unyielding marble remedied
by a softness known only by baby blankets.
My arm, the left one youíre sleeping on,
has lost feeling from elbow to fingertip.
But youíll wake to your burdens
much sooner than you should have to,
so I content myself to memorizing
the abrupt arches of your eyebrows,
the warm wells of your neck
where your pulse beats out a steady staccato rhythm,
and the heady weight of legs,
still clothed and entwined.

By NerdyMeerkat

© 2016 NerdyMeerkat (All rights reserved)


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