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Chicken Wrangler
Okay, so now I am a cowboy who is living on his ranch
Except my horses now are chickens, and a quail on every branch
Because I've rented to a Lady, who is into selling eggs
Now I've chickens up the wazoo, and there's one between my legs

There are lots of pretty colors and free ranging is the best
But the quail's eggs are so tiny, I won't put them to the test
They are really testing Daizee, and she's having lots of fun
They are just as big as she is, but she puts them on the run

So, my life now has a schedule, though the chickens sleep nights too
But the dawn wakes up five roosters and their cock-a-doodle-do
So now walking trails is scarier than the bear could ever be
When you startle several quail, who are conspiring in one tree

Now there's chickens in the forest, and there's chickens in the creek
Its not hard to find a pecker when I'm tryin to take a leak
I see chickens in the hay field, I see chickens in my sleep
And there's lots of little babies, who can barely walk, just peep

It seems I've rented out my solitude, so soon I'll have to go
Head down south to spend the winter, and escape the coming snow
To Vancouver where its raining, or to Vernon where its dry
I'm too broke to leave the country, but I'm still a lucky guy

By Johnsonraven

© 2016 Johnsonraven (All rights reserved)


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