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My Home
I wander this world with a paisley case,
lugging memories from town to town;
I have no little house I can call my own,
and my garden is yet to be grown.
You wander this world with your story on your back,
and you search for the meaning of life
and what lies beyond this tiny blue place,
in the heavens, both seen and unseen.
I am lost in the paths that now lie before
and I cannot see where they lead.
I stumble along; I see far in the distance
the place where transformed are my dreams.
But when in your arms I find my resting place,
and your exotic lips speak to my soul,
I know that in you, my wandering kin,
I have found a place to call my home.

By Kayla Esther

© 2016 Kayla Esther (All rights reserved)


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