The excitement in the voices of the children gets louder
As does the music when approaching the Village Fair
An annual event that never fails to excite

The Carousels lit up with beautiful fairy lights
The smell of Hot Dogs and Candy Floss
All adds to the joy of this a great time in the Village

The amusement arcades are buzzing with people
And as the evening get darker everything looks more inviting
As the children look in wonder at the magic around them

Some have saved their pennies all year round
Now anxiously lining up to spend them on the many rides
That make them squeal and shout with both delight and fear

The one time they are allowed to stay up late
This alone brings them such excitement
That they wish the Fair would stay there all year around

Soon the evening becomes night and it is time to go
Reluctantly the children gather up the prizes they have won
And hope they will be allowed another visit before the Fair has gone

For Deenys ...Lets go to the Fair.....challenge