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Peace POTM
Let us all join together, share feelings of peace,
a gift that can be bestowed on us all. (Floreann Cawley)
Peace can only come into this world when we hold it within ourselves. (Sorcha)
Together, as one, because we only have one life, so why spend it fighting? (Mauraya)
Peace is found when we reach for the future, unafraid,
while letting go of the restraints from past mistakes. (Loreleimist)
Peace comes when we let go. (Pnewport)
Peace is an unending struggle ripping at the heart of mankind. (JDR)
The thunderclap of war shall cease and united we will bask in the warmth of peace. (Poni)
Peace is a state of mind and living without fear. (Wildthing)
Peace, no torment, fear, or sorrow, and having the healing trust in Him. (ChocolateChipCookies)
Everyone working together, as is Godís plan, no hatred filled hearts for our fellow man,
sympathy and understanding with an animosity in a peaceful world. (ijcraig)
Understanding of ones differences, cultures, and faults will lead to love and peace. (Donald L. Heili)
Peace, to me, is being able to lie here in the backyard with my kids
and not having to worry about their future. (Ginny)
He holds his sleeping son and sees him softly smile in dreams and hope awakens. (Tony Parsons)
Peace of mind is having God at your side when the rambling tides are moving forward
and you donít know what is moving towards you. (Patricia Kriegel)
A circle of poets who advocate PEACE, that pen their thoughts to afford some relief. (Cheryl Klassen)
I have seen your face, war torn, and ravaged, still I long for you. (Rainstorm)
Crying out for our dying world, on bended knees we pray, we can make this madness end,
we can make the change. (Sass)
Peace is our heartís wayward song, sometimes the tune is lost, but the memory lingers. (Myrna D.)
Peace is a feeling of happiness, unworried, and sublime tranquility. (Miskitti)
Peace is that elusive breath of fresh air. (Naena)
A brother who gave and lost much of himself, so that others would not have to. (Silvestri)
Peace is like life itself, a form of fragility that is forever broken. (Kaminski)
Shatter did the window of hearts when peace jumped out of it in vain,
letís thrive and bring it back again before a million shelters it pounds. (Seema)
We all seem to think there is a wall of ice between peace, and us,
the only thing we know to do is throw fire at it, but we are just throwing
fire over a pond at each other. (Colton)
There is no peace in this world, only what God offers, many refuse to accept it,
but, the few that do can change the world. (Miah98)
The billion will win the struggle, but the few who are martyrs of destruction will fall. (Chloe 15)
Love is this lifeís only intrusion strong enough to break the chains of illusion
and shatter walls of separation created by fear and violent delusions. (Airglide)
A soft orange glow sits on the water as I meditate on world peace. (Caprichos)
May there be peace on earth for all mankind, let this killing cease, let us love one another. (Heavenís Own)
Peace is Christ, and Christ is peace. (Jíere)
Opening Santaís bag, I pull out a red, white, and blue teddy bear, and hand it to America,
Hoping for peace within the lines of freedom. (Shari M. Wentzel)
A moment settling in with the tic of serenity between the chimes of impatience,
brief and never lasting, many pledge themselves to dying for peace. (Brian Williams)
Peace may be known when mankind is free and wealth is distributed with equality. (Grannyrosie)
Unmoved, a tiny songbird near the roaring waterfall sings lightly still his symphonies,
no minds the din at allÖ(moon spirit)
Unhinge the mask of war, as we pray our God, that we not kill today,
but embrace elusive peace. (Bruce M. Shelton)

POTM 2001
10 December 2001

Dear Friends I wanted to share this poem written by The Poets Of The Month years ago on The Cafe.
Each month four poets were selected it was very nice and at the end of the year we got together to write this Peace poem. Many have passed away who joined in this. It touches my heart deeply thank you and God bless all with peace. Floreann

By Floreann Cawley

© 2019 Floreann Cawley (All rights reserved)


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