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Tommorow Is Another Day
Tommorow Is Another Day

Tommorow is another day
But we may never get to see
So give your heart to God
And set your burdens free

Tommorow is another day
But it not promised to none
We can only wish for the best
And know if we see the sun

Tommorow is another day
It might be time you have borrowed
Before you know it will be a yesterday
So don't let burden cause you sorrow

Tommorow is another day
But there is no guarantee
How ever you deal with it
Well that is not up to me

Tommorow is another day
Soon enough it will pass
Only love was made for this world
That was ever meant to last

Tommorow is another day
Or it could be our very end
So try to live a better life
Before it's too late my friend

Written 10/25/2016 by Norman Hale Jr.

By norman

© 2016 norman (All rights reserved)


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