End of Time
Our laughter is the spring breeze and the flowers dance.
Words flow oh so easily and you can't tell hers' from mine.
Our hands touch in the new grass, birds sing of romance.
We are today as we were meant to be, it is so very fine.

In the fertile grasp of natures' care we are at play this day.
Eyes gaze into each others under cotton candy clouds above.
Beauty all around is a reflection of all things going our way.
Lips so soft part so gently, Mother Nature whispers love.

Lost are we in a daydream, with happiness hearts do cry.
Set adrift under royal blue sky existing to fulfill lifes' dream.
Embraced close together, hear from each the others' sigh.
Days like this golden memories are made, they're supreme.

So picture perfect in heart and mind, in serch of a poets' rhyme.
Like our love the words are written, will last till the end of time.

By panther811

© 2016 panther811 (All rights reserved)


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