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Keep Dreams Alive

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Dreams keeping us alive, without dreams
and without hope, there would be no future.
To live is to put ourselves into challenges,
testing strength, not always an easy attempt.

Dreams are very special, help in keeping joyful life.
And being a faithful believer fears will disappear.
You never to old to keep dreaming either small or big.
Keep them coming build your life with all your might.

Dream of the unknown in discovering Jupiter,
be adventurous, find a new life path for a change.
Discover medicine, a cure for illnesses, and make the
children dream come true, all of that is ahead of you.

Never to old to dream, because dreams often become
reality if you pursue them with dignity, keep dreaming.
The dreams are the beginning of a new journey
if we do not have any dreams life would stand still.

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'Never to old to dream'

By Zuzanna

© 2017 Zuzanna (All rights reserved)


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