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Mythed the Flight

Adolescent Icarus,
beloved son of Daedalus...
the teenager made such a fuss,
'Dad, I need to go!'

Daedalus, the king approached.
The subject of his son was broached.
'Release my lad,' the father coached.
But the king said 'No!'

The clever dad, to escape Crete,
shaped his plan, precise, complete.
No sleep and thinking on his feet,
ideas began to flow.

Some fine twigs and strips of leather,
with candle wax attached the feathers.
He watched the birds and watched the weather,
so much he didn't know.

Two sets of wings did papa make,
tested for strength...they would not break.
Schooled Icarus for safety's sake,
Daddy advised him so:

'Don't fly too low nor soar too high.
It's tricky way up in the sky.
Too close to sun the wax will fry.
Ok, lad, let's go.'

They donned the wings, Icarus clapped.
Out of the window they both flapped.
The boy was stoked and also rapt.
'Oh Papa, you're too slow!'

'There is nothing to fear in flapping wings.
It's not as if we're relying on strings.
Thanks so much Dad, I love these things,
now how fast can I go?'

He flew, competing with the birds,
ignoring Daddy's pleading words.
Obedience was just for nerds
who simply didn't know.

So close he came to the scorching sun,
the melt-down process had begun
and pretty soon the kid was done.
Oh no! Oh no!

Phrase: There is nothing to fear in flapping wings

Yes, it's long but I had fun in the writing...

By cherryk

© 2017 cherryk (All rights reserved)


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