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A Bundle Of Heather

A Bundle Of Heather

A slight memory of sorted fancy
Gone are the days of Sid & Nancy
Sweet lavender lace spread upon this peyton place
A pause to reflect with satin and light decorum
Cherish soft linen in the bathroom next to the soap
A bundle of heather we have longed to treasure
Through the delicate eye a soft reply
We have chosen this path to meet
A chance to meet & greet
Although we are often times lazy amid the potatoes and gravy
Sing sweet songs through the twilight of the morning
Marked on a blotted page yet clearly intact
The mere sound of solace through windows of hope
When you can't even cope while having a fight with the soap on the rope
Long lines formed in vast duration
Can't even think yet to dismiss this earthly bliss of a time well spent in thought
Through the climatic passage of time we can find our way home
A bundle of heather wrapped up in the very tender memory of you
Beautiful bouquet of a fancy flower display on top of the window pane
We have longed to recapture those precious memories in thought
Smile then let laughter fill your heart with joy

By Mario William Vitale

© 2016 Mario William Vitale (All rights reserved)


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