You're Smitten
It was his nature to be jocular at all times.
He even managed to be humorous with rhymes.
It's not that all was funny which he wrote.
Quite witty the meaning the words did conote.

You may say he's a comic, you'd be right.
Being comical is a way to hide his might.
His message is amusing, of that there is no doubt.
Being droll, right on point, is what this is all about.

So enjoy this most mirthful feeling.
It's hilarious without any ceiling.
Clownish and farcical the thought.
Zany and quirky yet you bought.

Lighthearted this writing was written.
By its whimsical nature you're smitten.

JOCULAR, humorous, funny, witty, comic, comical, amusing, droll, mirthful, hilarious, clownish, farcical, zany, quirky, lighthearted, whimsical,

By panther811

© 2017 panther811 (All rights reserved)


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