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Theme for a Dream
Pray sit with me my darling and enjoy the candlelit ambiance,
maybe before we sit down to eat we can have a little dance?
A waltz perhaps, effortlessly moving across the dance floor hand in hand
Such a romantic mood that creates, smiling, we thank the band.
Back at our table we sit gazing into each others eyes
yours are pools of sweet desire, I gaze back my eyes full of love.
On such a special night an Italian meal is the only way to go
Giggling, you squeeze my hand as you suggest meatballs with spaghetti
and remind me of the scene from”Lady and the Tramp”
You are such fun, such a delight to be with, my smile is so big.
Our meal is wonderful, we laugh, giggle and smile for what feels like hours
time seems to stand still when we are in each others company.
We are perfect together, as we walk home under the starry night sky
hand in hand, we never want the evening to end.
Pausing we pull each other closer and tenderly and softly kiss
nights like this in your company, there can be no greater bliss.

There's a sudden noise.......what can it be? Oh dear, oh dear me,
oh no, it is my alarm , no, no, no not a dream surely not, it seemed so real
But a beautiful dream it was.......softly sighing I try to remember every detail
dreams fade so very quickly and I never want to forget this one.

a selection of the scene from 'Lady and the Tramp'

By dave.wynter

© 2017 dave.wynter (All rights reserved)


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